Marie Chia & Shane Stanbridge (S+M Vegan)

Shane and Marie (S+M) met in 2012 in NYC while attending the same culinary school, and together moved to the Bay Area later that year. They had both previously worked at restaurants in New York, the Bay Area, and Paris, and S+M Vegan was founded in late 2013 when the pair began selling food out of a tiny toaster oven at a neighborhood bar after their shifts. They quickly gained a following and turned their full attention to suppers (with monthly Blind Tiger dinners in partnership with local breweries and wineries), pop ups at bars, galleries and restaurants all over Oakland and the Bay Area, and, in response to a growing demand, catering, as well as cooking classes and demos locally and abroad. Their cooking centers local, seasonal produce in its many forms, fresh, cooked, fermented, preserved. Their inspiration comes from the farmers’ market, as well as their combined Italian, French and Singaporean Chinese roots (Marie has now been living in the US for a little over five and a half years). Sharing their food and making people happy, encouraging conversation, bringing back food memories and forging new ones, all the while searching for more sustainable ways to cook, are some of their missions. S+M recently relocated to Los Angeles. Their pop up schedule can be viewed online, at .

Photo: Souad Herve