our reason for existence/what we (are) do(ing)

Our reason for existence/what we (are) do(ing):

The current social and economic climate in the United States, impacted by the current administration’s policies and priorities, has compelled several vegans of color in a group called the California Vegans of the Global Majority to gather in unity. We gather in unity over the struggles of our migrant, LGBTQIA, and Muslim friends and families who already experience marginalized lives, yet are coming under more threats daily.

We seek to find and create solutions for our vegan and non-vegan communities and organizations. We seek refuge and power in community with each other, and wish to share resources with one another. In sharing these, we take action to defend and educate ourselves as well as our communities about heavy social justice topics like normative whiteness, patriarchy and similarly oppressive systems.

We seek to share what our social justice values are to us and how we choose to lead within our communities.