This event is 100% run by unpaid volunteers. Please consider donating towards the various expenses and/or show your gratitude for this conference.

Donation for Event Expenses (Any amount)
Please support this event by contributing towards the
conference basic expenses. Please write “Event Expenses” in the Note.

Donation for IC Speakers (Any amount)
As appropriate, we pay speaker’s with fees, accommodations and/or meals.
Help us offset the cost of supporting our speakers by donating any amount towards a pool for all the speakers. Please write “IC Speakers” in the Note.

Donation for the IC Crew (Any amount)
If you’d like to thank the crew for their time and effort, we appreciate it.
Please write “IC Crew” in the Note.

Donation for IC Contributors (Any amount)

Artists  gave their time freely, without any expectation for payment.
Please write “IC Contributors” in the note to donate to the artists.